Foot Care

A pedicurist is a profession that is performed differently all over the world. In the Netherlands and its surrounding countries it is taken to a more medical/clinical profession, it is often compared with a chiropodist. Although it is still a cosmetic profession, we also can help you with serious problems like for instance, in growing toenails or painful corns. We give advice on shoes and/or socks, and advising the best product for your problem.                                                  

Basic pedicure   

€   20.00   

Feet are soaked, the nails are moisturized, cuticles conditioned and pushed back.  Nails are clipped, buffed and/or shaped, and then applied with clear or color nail polish. We finish with a lotion.

Dutch pedicure  

€   26,50   

Nails will be clipped and then smooth with a file. Unwanted calluses and corns will be removed and buffed we finish it with lotion.


Slip into a state of total relaxation with our detailed spa & wellness pedicure treatments.

Mel’s Place signature pedicure 

€   38,50                    

Relax and soak in a bath of sweet almond oil. Dry skin is exfoliated with an aromatic sugar scrub, and

wrapped in a hot steamed towel. Nails will be clipped and then smooth with a file. Unwanted calluses and or corns

will be removed. Followed by a massage of the feet and lower legs for a revitalizing spa finish.


Bare foot pedi 

 €   35,00 

Be bare foot ready with this refreshing foot treatment. Dip into sea salt foot bath, then you’re

Nails, unwanted calluses and other discomforts will be treated. Then massaged with lotion and the

nails will be painted in the color of your choosing.


Relaxed pedi 

€   35,00

Relax you’re stressed, tired feet in a bath filed with warm water. Unwanted discomforts will be

removed. The nails will be clipped and then then smooth with a file. A warm oil massage eases foot tension

and immediately calms the mind.


Enhance your experience by selecting a perfect complement to any foot treatment.

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French Pedicure
Gel polish + € 2,50

€ 6,50 

 € 9,95

Nail polish
Gel polish + € 2,50

 € 4,25 

€ 6,50